Bobble Heads

The hard working white collars at Bob El Gorila’s Mobile Laboratory of Yippee-Skippe Games, Songs, and Stories have decided it is time to shamelessly exploit the magic of the Pepino Suave Experience (this concept is trade marked, you sticky-fingered thieves). Besides bumper stickers, giant foam pickles, coffee mugs, and desk calendars, we now offer Suave family bobble heads. Pepino, Pepina, and Li’l Pepinita are forever imortilized with plastic and springs in this series of action figures made by DeSoap laborers in China, and offered at a reasonable price to you, the few on this troubled planet with enough disposable income to enable a market for bobble heads and other useless crap.
Don’t call 1-800-PEPINOS yet, as our inventory is stuck in the New York customs. A customs official named Mohamed found our products to be of a “suspicious” nature. Privatization…

Gozando del Mercado Libre,

Pepino “Negociante” Suave

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