Pete & Joe

This weekend, Pepinoville was graced with the presence of two very old friends of Pepino Suave, Pete & Joe. Pete & Joe, known as Los Dos de Detroit in these parts, came for their bi-annual visit to a Pepinoville sporting event and late-night euchre-fest. It being summer and all, we went to see the Pepinoville Pickles play Dayton Dills over at the ballpark. It was probably one of the most eventful of all their visits in the past, as we were accompanied by Bompa Suave and Abuelita Suave, the parents of the author of these words. As well, Li’l Pepinita tagged along in a courageous effort to overcome her pathological fear of mascots. She chose to enter the arena of her personal horrors flanked by the hulking frames of Pete, Joe, and Bompa, three fine examples of good nutrition and regular exercise. Or regular nutrition and some exercise, depending on the hulk. I digress. It was a wise move on Li’l Pepinita’s part, but unnecesary. She took to this challenge like she did those of her first two-wheel bike, her big-girl bed, sleeping without Lamby, and eating pork rinds. With a lot of whining and squirming at first, before you knew it she was yelling at the mascots, running the aisles with Pete in order to catch a free
t-shirt thrown by the giant muppets. She watched a little of the game, too.
Pete & Joe were a big help. Not just with my daughter’s mental health, but also by cleaning up what would usually be left overs of our pre-game bbq. As well, Pete engaged me in a lively discussion of the DeSoap family influence on everything here in Pepinoville. Seems that folks on the other side of the state are pretty curious about a DeSoap heir running for governor. Pete says all they know about DeSoap is that he is very rich cause his Dad made a bundle on a deal where you don’t really sell soap, you just get a lot of other people to get a lot of other people to sell soap, and it’s is like some big pyramid or something. I said that’s all we know about the guy, too, and that every other stucture in Pepinoville has got his name on it.
Anyway, our team won inspite of giving up four runs in the first fifteen minutes of the game, the park was packed with a season record amount of fans, and there were fireworks at the end of the game. Best thing, though, was that a local bread company gave away a loaf (or two) of bread to every fan leaving the park after the fireworks. By the time our gang got back to the BompaMobile (thanks again for driving, Dad), we had nine loaves of bread at our feet. Someone was even heard to exclaim, “Joe, you’re stepping on my bread.”
As we played euchre well into the next day, we snacked on the spongy bread, comforted with the fact that the company claims that its enriched wheat flour and preservatives would provide us with a handful of essential vitamins. And iron. Pepina scorched a loaf or two in the morning for french toast. Pete and Joe headed out of town with a couple loaves on the dash board. Life was good.
Indeed, Pete and Joe blessed us with more than just the fine company of cherished friends. They bequeathed us with a wisdom earned from a veritable lifetime of television veiwing. The boys explained to us, this during a closely contested euchre game, that Scooby-Doo and his young charge Scrappy-Doo had a bond that goes much deeper than the normal crime fighting partnership. We feel like a veil has been lifted from our eyes…
Usually retuning in the winter to watch the Pepinoville Penguins hit the puck around the DeSoap Memorial Arena, Los Dos de Detroit promise an extrodinary summer return in two weeks to visit Cuke County’s famed beaches. We’ll keep a loaf of bread in the freezer boys.


P. Suave

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