Checking In

Found an internet cafe in the hotel of my conference. Thought I’d drop in and say hi.
Pepino got washed out. Been camping since I dropped the Pepino Chicks off at Tia Agronima’s orchard. While they provide cheap, albiet documented, labor, I am kicking back at a teacher’s conference in the Northeast. In order to curb expenses, Bob el Gorila has asked me to go third class. So I camped on the shore of Lake Champlain until I was rained out last night. Got a room at the Ho Hum motel (I’m not kidding. I’ll take a picture of the sign and post it). Watched lots of CNN and ate what was left in the cooler.
Will fill you on all our adventures later. Especially once Pepina and Li’l Pepinita debrief me on their work as share croppers (I hope to pick them up tomorrow afternoon). Gotta go. Last call for the coffee and donuts….

Desde el Motel Ho Hum,

Pepino Andareago

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