Pepina, my beloved spouse, achieved what most bargain shoppers can only hope for – the Thrift Shopper’s Trifecta, 2006. Yes, her ever-lastn’ effort to find a good buy paid off this week, big time. Like the uncommon triple play of baseball, Pepina’s trifecta unfolded so quickly, it took until bedtime for Yours Truly to figure out the immensity of Pepina’s accomplishment. Let me lay it out here for you, Dear Reader(s):

Pepina’s Thrifty Trifecta (or Triple Crown)
  • A 7:00 a.m. wake up in order to begin a forty-mile round trip to her school to buy $3.58 worth of stuff that a retiring colleague was selling and had not used during the last 768 years of her teaching career. Now Pepina gets to store $3.58 of the ol’ school marm’s stuff for the next 768 years of her teaching career. Phenomenal. Doesn’t stop here…
  • Pepina drives her Asian Exress for a full week, or 3,876.908 miles, on an empty tank until gas prices reach an all time high ($3.10), then fills up the tank. Backward speculation at its best. Brillant girl.
  • Finally, upon shutting down our garage sale for the night (after having sold a few dollars of our household surplus), Pepina goes kitty-corner across the street to attend Pepinoville’s 85th Tupperware party of the calendar year (82 of which have been held on our humble street, Calle Calabaza). Amongst the giggles, gossip, and girly gab, Pepina managed to acquire 40 clams worth of burping beverage containers. Sheeesh. Out with the old, in with the new. Tupperware. Put Tupperware in line with Amway of the booths in hell ol’ Pepino Suave will be forced to visit if I don’t attain The Great Reward. Pepino praying….

On behalf of Bob el Gorila and all that is his, we congratulate Pepina on her (expensive) achievement. We love you.

Con poco plata,

Pepino Pobre

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