Garage Sale

I’m exhausted. I’ve been running a garage sale for the last 1.5 days. Our garage sale was supposed to last 3.0 days, but our competition was just too stiff. Not only was all of metropolitan Pepinoville holding garage sales, but some of the best junk was being offered by our very neighbors on Calle Calabaza. We couldn’t compete.
By noon yesterday I had all our household overflow packed into the Pepino Suave Express, ready for a trip to Goodwill.
My best costumer was a retired lady who bought one of our old phones for two bits. I tossed in another old phone for free. It was then that the old lady asked me, “You want to know what I do with these phones?” I couldn’t very well say, “No”, so I just waited for the inevitable. She tells me she sells ’em on Ebay for 25 bones a piece. Either she’s on a fine prescription, or she is a savvy entrepreneour (sp?). My thought is, if you’re buying old phones on Ebay, for any price, you must be on a fine prescrition, too. Crazy garage sale people…


Pep Si

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