Danger in the Classroom

We here at Bob El Gorila’s Mobile Laboratory of Yippee Skippee Games, Songs, and Stories offer you a look into the dangers of the elementary classroom. Yes, the public is hyper-aware of the lucrative salary and cushy benefits ol’ Pepino Suave garnars for his labors in early elementary education. But does the average palooka reflect on the inherent dangers of an environment packed with small humans, craft supplies, and staplers? No.
Well, double click on “Danger in the Classroom” above for a taste of my cookie, folks. Published by the distinguished periodical, The Onion, the article depicts just one act of carnage; but carnage that is the potential of any well-prepared lesson plan (and especially for the not-so-well-planned, or any Friday, or week before holiday, or month before summer vacation, or when there is a substitute, or a student’s meds are withheld or poorly administered, or the eve of a full moon, or the wake of a firedrill, any pizza day, or when a non-teacher becomes “principal for the day”).
Double-click and enjoy.

Hasta alli,

P.S Out…

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