Li’l Pepinita got two hits! She ends the season 2 for 1,453! After a season of struggling at the plate, she wacked two balls clear past the pitcher’s mound.
I’m telling ya’, the family Suave could taste these hits at the dinner table. We knew something special was going to happen. Our little pelotera had been slapping wiffle balls at the back of the garage all week. She was determined to change things. Last night, the last game of the season, Li’l Pepinita was walking different. She was swinging different. She was determined. Her first at-bat, she stepped up to the plate like she owned it, took a couple of fierce practice swings, and stared down the pitching machine like it had eaten her twinky. The crowed settled in for the wait – by now accostomed to Pepinita’s pitch selection that would make a turtle seem impulsive. After letting a couple of high balls go by, she swung, hit the ball, and ran to first faster than she’s ever ran, even faster than when she chases the Pepinoville icecream truck, or when she runs towards anything that contains high fructose corn syrup. She ran fast.
Her next at-bat she repeated the same, except that time she carried the air of a veteran. Like it was normal to get on base.
Her last at-bat was different. She was meloncholy. She returned to her old form. She struck out. I walked over to the dugout and asked the pouting Pepinita what gives. She said, “Nothing. I’m just going to miss my coaches.” Aw, shucks, these kids have big hearts, don’t they America?
Hey, and three cheers for Li’l Pepinita’s Coaches and for Coaches all over Cuke County. These guys, and gals, are exceptional. Thanks for your time. You make a difference. Li’l Pepinita dedicates her last strike out to you.



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