La Calabaza

  • We’ve finally planted the family pumpkin patch out in the Patio Pepino. Pepina arrived to the Casa Pepina yesterday, after a long day of reinvesting the Pepino wealth into the economy, to find a cemetary plot in her backyard. A short explanation clarified to her that it was simply preparation for next fall’s Halloween jack-o-lantern.
  • The Pepino Suave Media Relations and Tech Support Department, an arm of Bob El Gorila’s Mobile Laboratory of Yippee-Skippee Games, Songs, and Stories (and the guys that get my coffee in the morning), have installed a counter to calculate the globs of visitors to this fair blog each day. We aim for more visitors per day than the average McDonalds. Less fat.
  • Li’l Pepinita beat me at a word game yesterday.
  • I made several calls to hotels yesterday in an attempt to get a room for a conference I’ll be attending this summer. Of the six hotels I called, five receptionists/clerks obviously didn’t speak English in their homes. The sixth, native-like speaker, was surly and obviously completely unaware that she was speaking to Pepino Suave. My conclusion? The better you speak English, the nastier you are. Es obvio.
  • Los Gorilas Ocho, a think tank out of Nostril Hair, Arizona, came to a different conclusion. They found that the less English you spoke, the more likely you’d have to deal with costumers like Pepino Suave. Come to think of it, I spoke little English back when I bused tables at the Sign of the Pepino restaurant. Smart Apes. Thinkers all.

Me defiendo,


8 thoughts on “La Calabaza

  1. Grazias Pepino Suave. I can tell this summer is going to be a long one. The days are going by slowly. Thank you for seeing my blog. I hope to see you soon!Chinagirl411PS: Adios

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