Pepinoville Update


  • Brother Periodista and his son Tigrito passed thrue Pepinoville last week for a visit with the extended family Suave: the author of this fair blog, his beautiful wife Pepina, Li’l Pepina, and the patriarchs of the brood, Bompa and Abuelita. Periodista was on his early retirement tour of the midwest. Tigrito and cousin Li’l Pepina did a lot of catching up. Lounging in Parque Pepino along the Rio Pepino, bbq in the Patio Pepino, and trips to the Pepinoville Dairy for ice cream were highlights of the visit. The boys hit the road after a couple days and returned to the ladies who love them (or the ladies what love them, as Opa would say). Thanks for the memories, fellas. See you in Salted Pork.
  • Although school is out for Li’l Pepino and myself, Pepina is still commuting to Pepino Heights Elementary as she finishes her teaching year. Monday, she was captiviated (held captive) for an inservice about Absolutly Nothing of Relevence (ANR), and today she is charged with Filling Out Records and Filing Them(FORF). She is putting off completing the Bilingual Annual Rational to Fail (BARF) form, for obvious reasons.
  • Li’l Pepina obtained twelve wiffle balls, a bat, and a tee in order to perfect her swing. Yesterday, she hit a few dozen balls against the back of the garage, and one actually went over the roof. She hopes all this practice will pay off at Saturday’s game against the rival team, Las Gorilas. Her team, Las Confundidas, are looking for some more hits. Li’l Pepina is hoping to contribute to the cause.
  • Opa and Pepina are watching tons of soccer. They were sad to see the USA fair so poorly in the first game. Oh, my apologies to 99.9% of the population. The World Cup, soccer’s premier competition began last week. Teams from around the world play for the championship of championships. Yea, it is the game where little guys neatly hit a ball around a football field and fall writhing in pain if someone approaches them. Gotta gitcha, gitcha, gitcha head in the game….
  • The Other Ignored Game, NHL hockey, is not being watched by literally millions of people. Opa, brother-in-law Camionero, and I watched game 4 of the finals last night. Played in Edmonton, the Oilers lost to Carolina. They are down 3 games to 1 as they take the puck to Carolina tomorrow.

Al dia,

Pepino “Boom-Boom” Suave

2 thoughts on “Pepinoville Update

  1. hola pepino suave i’m having a gr8 summer i hope you are too!!! It does eople watch Martha Stewart than The NHL Finals…hahaha What’s a cat’s favorite color?? (scroll down for answer)………………………………………………………………………………………PURRR-PLE!!I know, cheeesy, verrry cheesy.Adios

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