Se Acaba

“Vacation’s All I Ever Wanted, Vacation Gotta Get Away”
Las Go-Gos

Alas, today is the last day of school for Pepina and me. This is the time of year that reminds us why we love teaching so. Ironic, as this is also the time of the year that civilians wish they were teachers. Huh.
The Pepino Suave community can now look forward to more frequent entries. Stay tuned for:

  • A review of brother Periodista‘s visit to Pepinoville this week with son Tigrito
  • Gossip, inuendo, and sarcasm
  • Rages, diatribes, and rants
  • The continuing saga of Bob el Gorila, as told by Coco Loco
  • Tips for healthy hair
  • Commentary regarding Pepinoville’s controversial court case, “Smelt It vs. Dealt It”

Find your summer reading write here at El Blog de Pepino Suave.

Pura vida,
P. Suaveson

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