Teacher’s Lounge Joke

O.K. kids, ear muffs. Ear muffs for the easily offended, as well. Ear muffs for the Pepinoville Public School District (PPSD) Administration, too. This entry had better not end up in my file, or the Pepinoville Education Association (PEA) will get involved. This was done on my home computer, o.k. educational leaders, no caps? Loosen up or don the ear muffs. Your call.

The following is a glimpse into the heart of Pepinoville’s finest educational institution, La Escuela de Expectaciones Realisticas, where No Child is Left Behind Mrs. Pedos, as she has chronic gastro-intestinal problems. Anyway, the heart of any school is, of course, the teachers lounge. We here at Pepino Suave’s Mobile Warehouse of Yippee-Skippee Games, Songs, Stories (PSMWYSGSS) know the public’s image of the average lounge of teachers: middle-aged geeks hunched over spelling quizes with flailing red pens. In reality, we are a hip group of wise acres like the docs on Scrubs, and PSMWYSGSS seeks to promote and/or embelish that image. Nothing gets by us practical joking pedogogins. Here is a sample of the ironic hilarity found in the room labeled “Staff”, located between the midget drinking fountains, and the room labeled “Do not Enter” where Mr. Dormilon, the janitor, naps during school hours:

A young schoolteacher barges into the principal’s office in a panic.
“I just caught three boys trying to see how high up the toilet wall they could pee.”
“What did you do?” asked the principal.
“Well, I hit the ceiling,” the teacher told him.
“Good job!” said the principal, “That’s one for the staff.”

Oh, man, we laughed ’till the bell rang.
O.K. Earmuffs off. As you were…

Con mucha risa,

Pepino Comico

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