Thimble Pie- a flick of the index finger applied to the skull at a torque rate equivalent to the strike of a tightly-wound cobra, or a snapped bungy cord. Leaves a sensation of combined shame, grief, and the pain of a migraine.
As in, “I beat Granny at sixteen hands of Pay The Man and she gave me a mighty thimble pie.” or, “I left my science project on Granny’s bed so she cracked me from behind with a thimble pie. Where are the 22’s*?”

Me hace falta mi abuela,

Pepino Nieto

*Canadian over-the-counter, eh, painkiller with the potency of morphine.

4 thoughts on “Grannyisms

  1. Sap away, bro. Te quiero tambien (sin abrazos. Our legions of fans will think The Moose’s boys are loose in their loafers).Yea, hardly a day goes by with out a Grannyism. I’ll post ’em as I think of ’em.How about an entry on refried mashed potatoes? Or Friday night Fried Chicken? Or Marzipan? Or Bingo nights? Or a beige Dodge Dart? Or Coffee and a Pall Mall?Say hi to Bebe Gorila and Coliflor, and the Missus.’Mano out…

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