This just in from Pepinoville’s newspaper, The Pepinoville Rag: the personal driver for one of Pepinoville’s Royalty, Suds DeSoap (heir to the vast AltiSoap – formerly called AmSoap- fortune) was arrested for driving under the influence while Mr. DeSoap was attending the Bono “Incredibly Rich Celebrity With a Cause” lecture at the DeSoap Memorial Structure Number 13 on Friday evening. Mr. DeSoap’s 2005 Maserati was impounded and his driver, Mr. Juan Sanchez de la Montoya Jackson, an employee of AltiSoap earning a salary reportedly in the six figures, spent the night in the DeSoap Memorial Jail. He was released after a $186,98,098.09 bond was anonymously paid Saturday morning. Meanwhile, AIDS and poverty continue in Africa, as do Bono’s lecture tour and young DeSoap’s trust funds.
More to follow.

Al dia,

Pepino Periodista

3 thoughts on “DeSoap

  1. My new name for Mr. DeSoap is “Wicky Dicky” Don’t know why- it just came to me when one of his self promos came across the ole vista vision machine!

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