Pepinita’s team won atleast one of the games today. We aren’t supposed to keep score. There are no losers in this league. Well, maybe one: Pepino “Boom Boom” Suave. Let me explain, if an explanation is possible.
All went well the first game and a half. It was a perfect baseball morning, what with the sun, fresh cut grass, and uniformed tykes running in all directions around the Pepinoville Baseball Complex. A Beaver mascot benevolently terrorized Pepinita and neighbor Zanahoria. Coaches sheparded their flocks to the appropriate dugouts. Pepinita and her teammates showed a lot of progress, and played like they were enjoying themselves. We fans kicked back, relaxed, cheered, and felt that, yes, baseball is the finest sport on earth. Then I revealed to the whole Pepinoville community my lack of baseball prowess.
Bompa, Grandma, and Pepina and I were seated behind the backstop. We saw a few foul balls whiz past during the double header; one actually glanced off of Grandma’s outstretched hands as she protected her face (Bompa would’a caught that one if it weren’t for the hot coffee he had in his hand). Eventually a ball got tipped back in our direction again. I write “in our direction,”but I went for it as if it were just out of my reach and I were to have some semblance of coordination. I jumped in to the air, me and my collapsable Coleman chair airborn, the tips of my fingers coming within a few dozen feet of the softball, only to come crashing to earth, my crumpled seat first, then me on top of it. As I began to untangle myself from the chair and some scrub that I had rolled into, there was a quiet come over the crowd. Once I was standing and awkwardly readjusting my chair, laughter drowned out the chirping of birds, buzzing of insects, and squeeking of the chair. My parents had their heads in their hands, and Pepina appeared to be weeping. You could sense the kids were feeling much more comfortable about their ability level. The parents had a look on their faces like their property value had suddenly nose-dived.
I felt as big as a guerkin.


P. ” Boom Boom” Suave

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