Canoli Update

Just back from the communion double header at my brother, Casi Italiano’s house. Although I am short of time, I am compelled to dispute People magazine’s report, in their May 1 edition, that my dear sister-in-law, Salsa de Tomate, provided a mere 2.6 : 1 canoli to guest ratio. In reality, it was a precise 4.89776 : 1 canoli ratio. I was there.

Comiamos mucho,

Pepino Sin Leche de Magisia

8 thoughts on “Canoli Update

  1. I need help Pepino Suave. I just created a blog but now I can’t get back to where I post my own stuff because I went to your blog! I need help please!Coco Loco.(I have a different name on my blog.

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