En Rumbo

Sorry for the lull in entries this week. Pepino Suave and familia have been busier n’ a one legged man in a pompis-kicking contest. With the break in the weather, our social commitments have mutliplied like the crabbgrass on our front yard.
Tonight is Pepinita’s and my second annual Daddy/Daughter dance at La Escuela de Expectaciones Realisticas (sic). We put a shine on our dance dogs last night. Gonna trip the light.
As well, we’re doing a road trip this weekend. Packing up Pepina’s Asian Express, parking the Pepino Suave Express in the garage, and heading to Brother Casi Italiano’s house on the east side for a communion double-header. We’ll give you the poop on the rebound.
The people at Pepino Suave’s Warehouse of Yippee-Skippee Games, Songs, and Stories wishes you a fine fin de semana. We’ll talk soon…

Manejo mucho,

Pepino Chofer.

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