El Examen

Here are some examples of the results of last week’s unit test. All the questions are based on the story El Muchacho Pastor located in the box. Congratulations to Lindisima, Pelota Veloz, and Cerda Rara. These distinguished students allowed me to use their corrected tests for this fair blog. Gracias muchachas.

Con orgullo,

Pepino Profesor

P.S. For the myopic: double click on the image to enlarge.

13 thoughts on “El Examen

  1. PEPINO SUAVE! PEPINO SUAVE!Sam, Kyle, Evan, Dan, y me are making a skit about un abureado lobo y vivo in la montanas y oveja viene with a radio. We are going to mix it around though (coc Loco style!). Donde? At my house! ON…. maybe domingo…Coco Loco.

  2. Pepino Suave! Go to the comments under Bob 2, for a goo d idea I just posted. It might be at the very end if no one else comments. It is about posting movies on the blog. Go to Bob 2 comments for more info!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. hola! i didnt do to well on that test but whatever im waiting ƒor the next installment of Coco Loco’s Bob La Gorilla series hope it comes soon i love them! adios!from-Descafenado

  4. I already gave Pepino Suave the 3rd Bob the Gorrila comic, but he hasn’t put it up yet. Oh no! You probably speak Spanish, so I should have talked in Spanish. Siento. Mugosta or no mugosta el blog. Um… a… como ti llammas? Heh heh…. adios!Coco Loco

  5. Blessed Sacrement Talent Show!!!On Sunday at 6:00, some of Blessed Sacrements kids and teachers will be showing of there talents. Be there or be square.When:Well, today it’s April 27, but I’m now sure if there will be a Sunday in April. For now, it’s this Sunday at 6:00.Where: At Blessed Sacrement School. I should ask Pepino Suave if it’s alright to tell where Blessed Sacrement School is. So, Pepino Suave, can I say where it is?Note: Coco Loco will be there doing the Napoleon Dynamite dance with his friend. This will be flipping awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Time:

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