Cuke County is owned by a soap heir. That’s right. The guy got his money from his pops the soap maker. Well, daddy didn’t so much make soap, as he had other people sell the soap that he didn’t make. Then they found more folks to sell the soap that he didn’t make. And it kept going and going like some kind of out of control pyramid or something until pops was richer than the Pope. Now the son is rich and wants to rule the whole gal dern county as if he were the Pope. Anyway, I see him on t.v. tonight pitching his plan to be Supreme Ruler of the Whole World. In the commercial he is driving a car. It kind of struck me. What is the guy doing driving a car? Isn’t that reckless? Surely a guy richer than the dickens doesn’t drive a car himself. What’s he doing driving a car on T.V? And he’s talking, too. Talking and driving as houses whiz by in the background. A rich guy from Pepinoville Heights driving in town? No wonder our insurance rates are biggern’ an October pumpkin. Guy should go back to taking care of all that soap money his daddy made by not making any soap, and leave the driving to the hired help. That would provide atleast one more job in Cuke County.



11 thoughts on “Jabon

  1. Blessed Sacrement Talent Show!!!On Sunday at 6:00, some of Blessed Sacrements kids and teachers will be showing of there talents. Be there or be square.When:Well, today it’s April 27, but I’m now sure if there will be a Sunday in April. For now, it’s this Sunday at 6:00.Where: At Blessed Sacrement School. I should ask Pepino Suave if it’s alright to tell where Blessed Sacrement School is. So, Pepino Suave, can I say where it is?Note: Coco Loco will be there doing the Napoleon Dynamite dance with his friend. This will be flipping awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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