Las Obras de Coco Loco

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Here we have the next installment of Coco Loco’s ungoing saga “La Vida Loca de Bob El Gorila” (Coco Loco, you are the craziest fifth grade coconut we know).

44 thoughts on “Las Obras de Coco Loco

  1. Hola Pepino Suave! Pardon my English but if you want you can ask everyone here to comment some ideas for the next Bob el Gorrila comic. That’s right, it’s Coco Loco on the blog! Coco Loco is no burreda (bord). PS: It doesn’t cost money to comment, does it????????????

  2. No.No cuesta nada.Si, me gusta tu idea. Todos nos pueden escribir sus ideas para Bob el Gorila.Mi idea:Bob va a Lizard Lick North Carolina y compra 2,4554 gatos verdes con tres ojos.?Te gusta?

  3. Ishaihs 41:10Do not fear for I am with theedo not be dismayed for I am thy GODI will strenthen theeyea I will help thee.Romans 12:21Do not be overcome by evilbut overcome evil with good.Genesis 1:1In the beggingGOD created the Heavens and the earth.Now everybody, ho do you think you get into Heaven?

  4. Pepino Suave, Pepino Suave!Mi idea es Bob el Gorrila pega y pega y pega mucho un grande hoave (that’s egg, but I spelled it wrong) y grande pollo corre after Bob la Gorrila! Gracious y adious!!From si llama Coco Loco (giving a new name to anonymous!)PS: How do you say after in Spanish? I put it in English above because I don’t know how to say it. Pardon my English. Alabar DIOS!

  5. I just got done looking at all the archives and 2 questions popped into my head. 1. Do you check the comments in older archives because I put in a few new comments (if it worked).2. You should make a Spanish English dictonary on the blog so people who don’t speak Spanish know what you are saying.From, Chicken Catcher. (How do you say that in Spanish because I think I will make that my new blog name.)PS. Cool comic, Coco Loco!

  6. I just got done looking at the other archives too, Chicken Catcher. Chicken is pollo in Spanish and I don’t know what catcher is in Spanish so let’s leave that up to the humble pepino.You must be new on the blog…….Thanks for thinking my comic is cool. Oh,below I will post some Spanish words to help you on the site.Spanish-English Mini Dictonary:viene-comepega-punchgreeta-yellmanzana-applepollo-chickenagwa-wateranaranhado-orangeAburedo-boreddo-mi-no – domino (it’s not like that I just don- n’t know how to get acsent marks)Gato-catperro-dog (different word if you say with one r)furioso-furioscontento-happyenjodo en-ha-do – angryelephante-elephantpez-fishmal-sadOh, I know so much more, it’s just so tiring writing evrything I know down. I will do two more because they are what I like to put toghether a lot.alabar-praiseDIOS-GOD Okay,Gracious (thanks). Well, I meen thanks for saying my comic was good. Adios! (Bye).Si Llama, Coco Loco.PS: Si llamma means his name or her name. You usually use it after someone says “there once was a iho (son) then you use si llama. But I use si llamma on my comments as the word from.PSS: if you say y it means and. When you say y it’s pronounced as the letter e.PSSS: ALABAR DIOS!!!

  7. Mi gusta your idea Pepino Suave! Other people could still post there ideas though. 0h, my little sister wants to be called Tiger Loco for a Spanish nick-name. I need to know how to say tiger in Spanish, though. My little brother is going to be called Coco Loco Jr.Pepino Suave’s Blog es mucho y mucho loco. Is Bob el Gorrila your blog mascot or do you have a loco pepino as you mascot?????????????Si Llamma, Coco Loco

  8. Seriously, who comments here except Pepino Suave, Chicken Catcher, Coco Loco, the guy above, and recently, me! People, even though there is 11 comments doesn’t mean Coco Loco and Pepino Suave have to do them all be there selves! START COMMENTING!PS. Has anyone here seen the Bench Warmers? My favorite is Clark.

  9. (Since most everyone I am talking to in this comment speaks only English, I will speak English instead of Spanish so everyone can understand. Sorry, Pepino Suave.)I have seen the Bench Warmers. My favorite is Clark, too. Oh, you forgot the Bible verse guy (girl) and the Mr. T guy (girl) in your why doesn’t anybody comment thingy. I was happy they mentioned Mr. T in the Bench Warmers though, so Mr. T person, you might want so see the movie.For the person who left all the Bible verses, here is how to get to Heaven: All you have to do is believe that JESUS died on the cross for are sins and believe in GOD. That’s all. Pretty simple. There is so many people out there saying differntly though. They just haven’t really read the Bible well enough. You can trust me though, because I have been studying the Bible since I was 3 and I am 11 now. The Bible says that man can’t earn his way into Heaven and that the only way to Heaven is through GOD. Now, there’s some souls saved. Oh, Romans 12:21 is my favorite Bible verse. (Sorry about the pit fall.) Oh, Bible verse person, comment here and say if “my” way into Heaven is the right way even though I know it is.What does any of this have to do with Bob el Gorrila and his (my) comic. Alabar DIOS!Si Llamma, Coco Loco.PS: For anyone who does not speak Spanish: si llamma means his name or her name, but I iddn’t use the words properly (well, I sort of did…) and Alabar DIOS means Praise GOD and um… el means the.

  10. Feliz lunes, mis companeros.Esspero que pasaran las pasquas bien.Coco Loco, Atrapador de Pollos (Chicken Catcher), y el Cisne, gracias por sus comentarios.Mata una musca,Pepino S.

  11. Coco Loco’s tres comic es: Mi idea es Bob el Gorrila pega y pega y pega mucho un grande hoave (that’s egg, but I spelled it wrong) y grande pollo corre after Bob la Gorrila! II copied it from above). Y Coco Loco’s quatro comic maybe es: Bob va a Lizard Lick North Carolina y compra 2,4554 gatos verdes con tres ojos. (that was copied too.) Un comic tres es terminado.Que no ideas?????Coco Loco

  12. Below, I will try to show a picture of Bob’s cousin. …………………It’s not working.I was going to put a picture of Donkey Kong.Pretty funny we’re doing these comments in the same time, Bible guy.

  13. Sie Rie, Sie Rie, Sie Rie! I will email a Donkey Kong picture to Sr. Fourn…. I mean Pepino Suave so he can maybe post it on the blog as Bob’s cousin.Adios! Coco Loco.


  15. !ATTENTION ALL BOB LA GORRILA FANS!(Pardon my English, but I will speak in English just so everyone can understand.)The newest Bob the Gorrila comic (Bob la Gorrila 3 (tres))is going to be handed to Pepino Suave by Coco Loco tommorow at 12:30. If you read this late, today is Thursday and tommorow is Friday. Then with my 2 1/2 days of, I will work very hard to get Bob 4 (quartro) done and hopefully handed in by Monday.Siento about my English, I could have probably said most of that in Espanlo but I wanted every one to understand.Coco Loco.

  16. Why did you make everything all tiny? I can barely read anything! Oh, you should have a part in your website that let’s everyone vote on something, like what is there favorite Bob the Gorrila comic.

  17. Bob la Gorrila ona es suave.Bob la Gorrila dos es Sie Riea(able)Bob la Gorrila tres (coming soon) es…. pollo-rific!Coco LocoWarning: Ps is on spoiler alert.PS: Bob quatro es Bob va Lizard Lick y Bob cinco es pollo esclot… (que es sa… spell rifle in Spanish?

  18. Hey, Pepino Suave! I heard Coco Loco and his friends are doing a skit. You should somehow post Spanish skits on this website. I know you can with a digital camera, which I know you have. I would lone to see Coco Loco and friends skit.

  19. Blessed Sacrement Talent Show!!!On Sunday at 6:00, some of Blessed Sacrements kids and teachers will be showing of there talents. Be there or be square.When:Well, today it’s April 27, but I’m now sure if there will be a Sunday in April. For now, it’s this Sunday at 6:00.Where: At Blessed Sacrement School. I should ask Pepino Suave if it’s alright to tell where Blessed Sacrement School is. So, Pepino Suave, can I say where it is?Note: Coco Loco will be there doing the Napoleon Dynamite dance with his friend. This will be flipping awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Whoa! Coco Loco! Now you have 30 comments! Praise GOD, Everyone!!!P.S. Pepino Suave, I counted all of your comments so far on this page and it eqailed… seventy something.

  21. Bob la Gorrila BioNote: I’m not Coco Loco.Name: Bob. (No last name known.)Age:35.Date of birth: July 6, 1964. (I’m not sure if the year right… could someone do the math for me?)Son: Bob Jr.Wife: None. (He adopted Bob Jr.)Daghter: None.Religion: Just a Christian in general.He lives in: The watermeleon jungle, in Tellanassie, Florida.( The wter meleon jungle is hidden on the map.)Occupation: Pepino Suaves boss, traveler to find fun games, stories, and songs, and he’s a proffenal ape.Current location of him on his travels: In the courthouse with Coco Loco who are deciding who will get all the money for the comics. The courthouse is in -Name withheld- Michigan.Favorite movies: Napoleon Dynamite and The Omega Code 2.Favorite video games: Donkey Kong video games.Lawyer: Mr. Sas-a-fras-a-scoo.Motto: Anything free is worth saving up for.Current total amount of money: 6 billion… in his pocket and 9 billion at his sweet shack and 20 million in the bank acount.Nickname: He doesn’t like to talk about it.Favorite singer: MC Hammer.

  22. Pepino Suave, has someone hacked into your blog before and put in something about Canada? Oh, what does the handy cap button do? I will press it to see what it is.

  23. (No es 5:06. Es 6:07…)….. Bob 0na.. si.. Bob dos.. si… Bob.. tres y quatro y………Tres. Unico tres. Coco Loco.(En Engles… If you can’t speak Spanish than… well I just got done with Bob 5 and I’ve already gave Pepino Suave my 3d and 4th comic, so there’s 3 comics not on the blog. It’s not Pepino Suave’s fault though, technical difficulties…)Siento.

  24. I got my blog. To get there you might just want to click on my user name above but the adress to get there is http// Loco

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