Marmelada Fresa

Yet again, our international fan base saves the day. Yesterday’s entry detailed the mediocracy of the jam selection in Casa Pepina. Within hours Pepino S., the author of these words, received a can of homemade strawberry preserves. The jar was sent from as far away as across the street, Rue Relish. La Criada, our nieghbor and Pepinita’s daycare provider (she provides care during the day), read my plea and promptly sent her daughter, Zanahoria, to our stoop with a jar of the sticky condiment. I am forever in their debt. My hat is off to them, as I bare my bald pate to the sun that kisses the dimpled fruit called fresa. Now that’s jam.

Buen provecho,

Pepino Satisfecho

6 thoughts on “Marmelada Fresa

  1. Blessed Sacrement Talent Show!!!On Sunday at 6:00, some of Blessed Sacrements kids and teachers will be showing of there talents. Be there or be square.When:Well, today it’s April 27, but I’m now sure if there will be a Sunday in April. For now, it’s this Sunday at 6:00.Where: At Blessed Sacrement School. I should ask Pepino Suave if it’s alright to tell where Blessed Sacrement School is. So, Pepino Suave, can I say where it is?Note: Coco Loco will be there doing the Napoleon Dynamite dance with his friend. This will be flipping awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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