Everything has its standard. Baseball bats have Louisville Slugger. Hockey sticks, Bauer. An orange? Sunkist. Looking for a tire? Start with Firestone.
What is the standard for jams? I don’t think we need a Pepino Poll for this one, folks. It is Strawberry. Strawberry is the standard for jams. It begins with the strawberry,then maybe grape, or rasberry, and then you go boutique with the marmelades and fruit salsas.
I’m not the finicky type, but when I look in the fridge, I expect milk, a dozen or so eggs, and strawberry jam. And a glowing light bulb so you can see the milk, eggs, and jam. Not Great Expectations here, fans.
Seems my Dutch wife, dear Pepina, learned from her Home Ec. teacher that grape is the staple flavor of jams. We’ve got more grape jam than we do, well, staples.
Sorry to go Andy Rooney on you, folks, but my jam and toast was barely mediocre today. I shoulder a burden. I’ll tough it out.

Sin una buena marmelada,

Pepinito Hambriento

PS Today, Pepina did make an Apple Crisp that would knock your socks off and have them do laps around the yard. Good stuff.

10 thoughts on “Jam

  1. Must be fresa, unless making chinese chicken then use peach or appricot. BTW, thanks for all the help, I found out a couple of weeks ago that I got my Fulbright 🙂 Northern Ireland here we come!Cisne!

  2. All right Cisne! Way to go! Please keep us posted – hey, why not a Cisne blog? Do it!May the road always be downhill, the wind at yer back, and the Guiness cheap and plentiful, or something like that.I can’t wait to hear how your teaching goes over with Irish kids. They’re going to love you.Cuidase,Peps

  3. I hurt for you mi hermano Suave. Being a teacher and all, I suspect you have alot of staples, so you must be in quite a jam (Doh!). Like milk shakes, there are two types of jams- strawberry and everything else. Don’t get me started on the milk shakes, my kids like chocolate. That blasted Hershey and his darn syrup has turned my kids against me. I regress.Con simpatico,Hermano con pelo

  4. Si Miguel, Hershey syrup is the wrath of the devil. I suspect Hershey personifies everything evil and delicious in the world. Everything delicious in the world is evil. I’m off to finish my Snickers.Como mucho,Bro.

  5. Blessed Sacrement Talent Show!!!On Sunday at 6:00, some of Blessed Sacrements kids and teachers will be showing of there talents. Be there or be square.When:Well, today it’s April 27, but I’m now sure if there will be a Sunday in April. For now, it’s this Sunday at 6:00.Where: At Blessed Sacrement School. I should ask Pepino Suave if it’s alright to tell where Blessed Sacrement School is. So, Pepino Suave, can I say where it is?Note: Coco Loco will be there doing the Napoleon Dynamite dance with his friend. This will be flipping awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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