As we enjoy our spring break in partly-cloudy Cuke County, the good folks at Pepino Suave Yippee-Skippe Games, Songs, and Stories wish you were here. Why, just this afternoon we spent time in the Pepinoville Public Library. Pepina searched for the latest tome of suffering and trials, Pepinita gazed at the computer screen, and I looked at back issues of Cuke’s Life. Libraries are exceptionally quiet during spring break. Even the staff is on vacation. I’d never seen today’s librarians before. Substitute librarians. Contract librarians. Freelancers.
I found a neat book about a dog killed with a pitch fork. I wonder if they’ll make a movie about it. Pepina found one that pits a sister against a sister in a struggle against DEATH. Hey, family reading…
Tomorrow is the triple header: lunch with Aunt Nina, swimming at the YMCA, and the final Blessed Breading Fish Fry of the 2006 Lenten Season. Get ’em while they’re hot!
Vacation’s all I ever wanted…

Vago de los vagos,
Pepino S. y familia

1 thought on “Vacaciones

  1. It’s called Blessed Sacrement, not Blessed Breading. You’ve made that mistake a lot now, and I can’t take it anymore so this is why I am….. commenting.I go to Coco Loco’s School.

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