Pepino Peludo, my barely younger brother, and his cherubs, Lobo Gaseoso and Bailerina paid a visit to the estate of Casa Pepino this weekend. Actually, Pepino Peludo dropped off his daughter Bailerina on Friday while he and Lobo (El Mas) Gaseoso continued to the lakeshore to sleep on a submarine with the remainder of their cubscout pack. Imagine a flatulent wolf in an enclosed submarine for a night. There most be a service patch in it somewhere.
Bailerina showed us how much more to a kitchen there is besides a microwave. She is quite the cook. Once Lobo Gaseoso and his old man showed up on Saturday, we decided to hike Pepinoville instead of our usual wrestling match (Pepino Suave is getting old and brittle). The hike was supposed to take us along the winding Rio Mocoso, but we ended up stumbling upon Pepinita’s school. We decided to try the trek again on Sunday, only to have Lobo Oleroso fall into the creek. Oh, we became disoriented, again, as well. Next visit we’ll just play dominoes.
As usual, it was enchanted visit from a fun family. Pepinita is in heaven whenever her cousins are near. I heard non-stop giggles all weekend.
They know they have a casita in Pepinoville, whenever they wish to return.

Un tio orgulloso,

Tio Suave

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