El Viernes Es Nuestro

Feliz viernes, compadres. We made it. The personnel department at Pepino Suave International Yippee Skippee Games, Songs, and Stories is swamped with complaints from exhausted associates. Why, we had the Pickled Dads and Daughters camping last weekend, Pepino Suave’s last class at the local University of Know It All Yet Know Nothing on Monday night, Parent/Teacher conference with Pepinita’s fabulous profesora and pancake supper at church on Tuesday night, Ash Wednesday service on, you guessed it, Wednesday night, dinner with Opa on Thursday night. To wrap things up, Pepinita has soccer practice tonight. It’s enough to make a guy feel like a jar of relish.
This weekend Pepino Suave’s brother, Pepino Peludo, arrives with his two cherubes, Chilito, and Fresa. They’re going to help us celebrate Pepina’s 432snd birthday!

Al paso,

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