Highes and Lows

The public relations department of the Pepino Suave Institute of Yippee-Skippee Games, Songs, and Stories has been inundated with requests from around the globe for a more “personal perspective” of the heart of the institute, the clan Pepino. After a lengthy second or two of modest, “aw, shucks”, and “who’d want to read about us?” We decided to share with you one of our titilating household routines, the daily “Highs and Lows” (“oooooohs,” and “aaaaahs” in the background), which are normally discussed over dinner in the Casa De Pepino. Today’s Altibajos:

Pepinita: My high was, um, was school. My low was, aaaah, having to do this (Pepinita has tired of this daily “high-low” routine. It has lost all meaning).

Pepina: My high was catching up with everybody (Pepino came home and the phone was still warm to the touch). My low was: I can’t really say I had a low (Pepina’s always this positivo).

Pepino, El Mas Suave: My high was the cheese that Pepina puts on our lunch sandwiches. Pepper Jack. Puts a zing in the ol’ lunch bag. Something to look forward to all morning. My low was that our nieghbor, Rooftop Ralph, slipped on the ice while walking his dog around midnight, and spent a good hour on the cold cement shouting for help. Broke his shoulder. Glad he wasn’t on the roof…

Para servirles,

Pepino Suave y familia

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