I have always been amazed at children’s creativity. I’ve seen kids create games using discarded bike tires, plastic containers, and other ‘trash’. During my time in the Dominican Republic I watched in amazement as children played baseball with balled-up duct tape, and folded cardboard squares for mitts. In a vacuum empty of internet, video games, and fabricated playscapes, kids tend to create. In the Dominican Republic, and many other parts of the world, the children’s own imagination is their Toys ‘Er Us.
The Dominican photagrapher Jaime Jimenez has published a collection of photographs that document the toys that Dominican children have made with their own hands and minds from whatever they find in their midst. Click on Juguetes above, or on the sidebar to view Mr. Jimenez’ beautiful gallery of children’s ingenuity.

Con todo respeto,

Pepino S.

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