I give you, dear reader and taxpayer, a look at the technology that ol’ Pepino Suave intergrates into his Yippy Skippy Foriegn Language Program. Your tax money at work, I like to say. Pictured here is an Overhead Projector model 620, manufactured by our friends at 3M and considered the Buick of overheads. It is not only used as a stage for our friends and other assorted props, why it also projects illustrations of our stories of love and loss, as well as text of the same (in Spanish, claro). Located on a cart with wheels, it is mobile and features shelves and collapsible tops onto which we put our matamoscas, rubber chickens, plastic food replicas, and other essentials to instruction. When we begin our Spanish Arobics, it is easily rolled into a corner, away from peligro.
The staff here at Pepino Sauve Yippy Skippy Language Programs is exhaustive in its efforts to keep you potential school board milage propents informed of where your tax dollars are spent. Vote yes. Bob the Gorilla always does, you should, too.
Vota si’,
Prof. Pepino Suave

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