Pepinoville Elementary School

Pepinita had another action-packed week at one of the finest educational establishments in Cuke County, the Pepinoville Elementary School for the Garden Variety. Today, she recounts a spellbinding event that unfolded in her homeroom this week:

Yesterday at school I put my back pack into my locker, I went into my classroom and I sat down at my desk until everbody else came, but who was sitting at her desk? Why Berenjena! And then the bell rang and everyone came into our classroom and this girl in my classroom, her name was Tulipan, saw something that Berenjena was doing. She kept looking and looking at Berenjena and I did, too. Sooner our later we found out what she was doing. She was ripping up her pants and drawing all around her pants, too. And so Tulipan telled on her. And then, after she got telled on Berenjena putted permanent marker on her lips! And kept putting permanent marker on her lips! And this time I wondered what she was doing and I looked longer and longer and longer and I saw she was drawing on her lips and I telled on her and she had to flip a card and so she had to have a note sent home to her mom and dad. I didn’t feel that good about telling on her. And by the way, she is only four or five years old and she doesn’t know how to count by ones to one hundred and she’s in first grade. That’s all I can tell you folks. Bye.

The Pepino Suave Editorial Board adds:
Permanent markers should not be in our children’s schools. No child should be left behind with stained lips. This is an outrage, and it is no doubt funded by the Bic, Crayola, and Expo corporate lobby. Get these conglomerates, and the taint of their tools out of our children’s desks and Must Do centers. Act now, and write your congressman or congresswoman. Or send us money, and we’ll do it when we get a chance. Maybe after the harvest…


Pepino Suave
Un humilde padre

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