Bob La Gorila

Bob La Gorila made a rare stop in Pepinoville this week for a photo shoot. Before the Pepino Suave staff could interview him, he was back on the road, en route to Buttzville, New Jersey, by way of Bugscuffle, Tennesse. As always, he travels in his Winobago searching for the very finest yippy skippy games, songs, and stories. He left two brand-new and costly matamoscas, and some goofy stories about a lobo and a gatita. Some fella’ mistook the matamoscas for flyswatters. We just about busted a gut laughing. Flyswatters. Absurdo.

Nos vemos en Toadsuck Arkansas,

Pepino S.

6 thoughts on “Bob La Gorila

  1. Readers of Pepino Suave’s Bog,I would like to apologize for posting some things on this website. It was a wrong thing to do and I apologize for doing it…Sincerely,[Pizza Salchicha}

  2. We take great efforts to make sure that this blog is appropriate for students, their parents, and our own family members and friends. Still, we invite guests of this blog to advise us of any material that might offend. Likewise, we ask that guests of this blog use it appropriatly, and maintain the spirit for which it was intended.Respectfully,P.S.

  3. Hey, hey! Si llamma Coco Loco again y I know ths classroom y I know that gorrila. He looks a lot more handsome though in my comics. Oh, for the information of the people reading this blog, He’s still in Pepinoville. I bet he just told Pepino Suave that if he didn’t tell everyone that he was not still in Pepinoville because he didn’t want to sighn autographs then he would be fired!!!!!!!!!Si Llamma Coco Loco.Ps: How did you find out who posted the bad comment?????

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