The 2006 Pepino Suave International Program of Yippy Skippy Games, Songs, and Stories will include Dominoe Fridays. Above you see las manos y las fichas in action, during a recent Friday afternoon tournament. Priceless.
You want to play? Well here are the Rules (translated for your monolingual convenience; I write with an air of bilingual arrogance):
Las Reglas: 1. Only Spanish spoken (see dominoe vocabulary below), 2. No dominoes on floor or in any body cavity, 3. Spanish Fridays only if all our work is done.

Dominoe Vocabulary*: Yo tengo I have it, yo paso I pass, tu turno your turn, impate tied, agarra siete grab seven, doble seis double six, llamo mi abodado, I’m calling my lawyer.
* This is just a jump start vocabulary to get our monolingual friends up and running.
Juego mucho,

Pepino Domino

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