Habla Pepinita

Pepinita and I have been talking about our experiences this fall in Mexico. It has been a month since we’ve returned, and we are finding it interesting to compare things here with things in Durango. I found some of Pepinita’s observations interesting and thought I would share them with you:

Here in the morning it has this smell and it smells like dew on the grass and that is my favorite smell and when I wake up in the morning and it is peace and quite but in Mexico in the morning I didn’t smell that smell or hear that hear. All I smelled was food that Ididn’t like and I heard loudness like people singing really loud and music up really loud in the distance of the morning. Here I have grilled cheese and all kinds of that stuff but in Mexico I have hot, hot, hot tortillas and all hot stuff and I don’t like that stuff. But in Mexico the thing that I did like were chichrones. They were pig skins. I liked them because they were crunchy and tasty. But I didn’t like the school in Mexico because I went to a public school that spoke all Spanish, but I usually like public schools, I go to one here in America. I didn’t like it because they spoke too much in Spanish. Whenever they talked I couldn’t understand them and they couldn’t understand me when I talked, but I did like it because whenever at recess I got candy for only one peso. I didn’t like it because it had a playground but it didn’t have play equipment on it. All it had was a pole. And when I played outside all I could do was run in circles with my friend Michele and my friend Lorena, and my friend Hassle. And there was not any toilet paper in the bathroom. I had to ask for toilet paper from my teacher. Oh, by the way, my teacher’s name was Sra. Ofelia.

That’s it, she said. Pepinita doesn’t want me to dictate anymore. Hope you found here point of view as interesting as this ol’ Pepino does.

Un padre orgulloso,

Pepino Suave

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