The Pepino Chicks

Alas, this esteemed blog has been absent talk of the Pepino Chicks – Pepino Suave’s trophy wife, Pepina, and his lovely daughter, Pepinita. Let’s catch-up.
Pepina cut her locks. Actually, Missy the Hatchet cut her hair. Pepina just paid her to do it (like $2,563.05, plus tip, more or less). After weeks of debate, and profound soul searching, Pepina went to the nieghborhood tress butcher and had a good yard or two of beautiful, auburn, silky hair shorn from her bean. Ol’ Pepino wasn’t included in the debate or soul searching. Pepina and I make hair decisions independently (why the snickers?). Still, es obvio to all living matter in the universe that I love Pepina’s mane. No matter, when my betrothed gets an idea in her head, there is no stopping her (reference the Playscape From Hell in our backyard that Me Lady found at a garage sale and just had to buy. It took a crew of seven and four weekends to assemble the three seperate structures that now dwarf our house. I ought to have it insured. I am getting off the point). As I drove the Pepino Suave Express to the Butcher of Comstock, I practiced my lines (“It looks beautiful”, “It looks great”, “You look so much younger”, etc, etc). Still, nothing prepared me for the New Pepina. She came bouncing out of Missy the Hatchet’s salon with a bob that left me speechless. Shoulder length and sassy, it is Pepina. It says,
” I am perpetually cheerful and gay”. My hat off to Missy the Hatchet.

Pepinita has a new club house, this one indoors. It is six foot long and richly apolstered. She bunks some of her dolls there, and often retreats to this shelter when Pepino Suave oppresses her with irrational rules and mandates (last night I asked her to put her dishes in the sink. Have I no sense of decency?). Actually Club Pepinita is the shell of our sleeper-couch. Since the Colombian exchange students left (“Los Bouncing Boys”), the bed part was rendered useless. In fact, those who chose to sit on the couch usually sunk to floor level and had to be assisted in order to stand back up. Well, I got ambitious the other night, tipped the thing over and extracted the bed mechanism from the couch. I threw it in the back of the Pepino Suave Express and plan to take it to the furniture repair people next week. Pepinita looked at the toppled carcass of a couch and exclaimed, “Cool, a clubhouse!” She has been playing in and around the structure almost non-stop. Meanwhile, Pepina’s Garage Sale Epiphany sits idly in the backyard, adorned with last fall’s soggy leaves and fallen acorns, serving a noble purpose: it was a great buy.

Quiero mucho a mi familia,

Pepino Familiar

P.S. Durango Mexico, the Pepino Family residence in Mexico this fall was featured on this mornings NPR* show, Weekend Addition. The program did a wonderful job describing the state of Durango’s mystique, its music, and its people, without getting mired-down in a biography of Pepino Suave.
*This is no endorsement of NPR. Sometimes it does broadcast real news and information. This program was a good sample of such.

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