Readers Ask, Pepino Responds

Pepino’s mail carrier is overwhelmed with the correspondence from yesterday’s entry. I will respond briefly to the most frequently asked questions. More to follow. Also, stayed tuned for the World Famous Aunt Nina update next week.
Regarding yesterday’s photo entry, these are my answers to your FAQs. For more clarification, read yesterdays “comments” if you have tons of free time, and little focus in life:

No, that is not the Pepino Family’s Dominican Time Share.
Thanks, Dad, but there is not a primer on the market gonna help that paint job.
Yes, I paid rent to live there. The equivalant of a chicken and a half per month (un pollo y medio).
Very funny. No, no air conditioning.
Yes, there was running water. In the canal behind the yucca field. Es obvio.
Let’s see, it was about the size of Pepino’s current spacious one car garage.

Quisiera clarificar,

Pepino de Los Bienes Raices

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