5 thoughts on “Mi Casa Dominicana

  1. Dear Reader,Blogspot.com, for unkown reasons, will not let this dilled blogger write about the Dominican domicile inwhich I lived during the Corps of Peace service. Every attempt I make to write erases the image.Thus, I will comment, instead. I am commenting now:The structure pictured in this entry served me well during my Peace Corps tenure. It had outdoor plumbing (a one-holer, Joe. Not like that 4-seater we enjoyed out East), a light bulb, and the luxury of a cement floor. In this picuture, taken during the 2005 Pepino Suave Hotter Than The Dickens Summer Dominican Tour, it appears the lawn had not been tended to since I left in 1992. Valtico, my neighbor and friend, usually let his pigs room the yard to keep the weeds down. More to follow, your questions need answering.Mi casa es su casa,Pepino Casero

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