Pepino Goes To School

Last night I began a class at the hallowed Aquinas College. Teachers, even pickled teachers, must attain six credits of study every five years to maintain certification with the State of Michigan. Fantastic revenue enhancer. For four hours each Monday night I trade my chalk for a syllabus and do the student thing. I am atleast a few thousand years older than the average student in my class. I’m even older than the prof. We’ll see if this older cucumber is any wiser…

Siempre estudioso,

Pepino Estudiante

3 thoughts on “Pepino Goes To School

  1. Not much poop going on here. School started for me, too. Church History and Intro to Pastoral Counseling. That should keep me busy for a few months. I should emerge from my studies in time for the First Communions in April. :-)Give Ink & Talea a kiss from me.Love ya!XOXOXOP.S. Tell Inky she has to keep her blog updated, too! 🙂

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