The World Famous Aunt Nina

Holy smokes, its Friday already. Sorry cucumber fans. I have been busy doing absolutely nothing of importance. Except yesterday. Yesterday familia pepina visited Aunt Nina in Kentwood. Now, I know nothing even trivial about Kentwood, but Aunt Nina, I am sure, could tell about its founding, its government structure, and what winter taxes were in 48′. The woman is amazing, and I do not exagerate. This energetic octingenarian, originally from the mountains of North Carolina, served in the Army during WWII (along with her sister, where they met and eventually married brothers), she volunteers for Every Organization You Can Think Of (EOYCTO), she drives a hot rod all over the place, and often. And much, much, more. In fact, so much more that the Pepino Suave Editorial Board (PSEB) has decided to devote one entry a month to Aunt Nina’s Adventures and Tales of Adventure (ANATA). Once a month. Stay tuned.
Anyway, yesterday we get to Aunt Nina’s around 11:00 a.m. She has the table ready: big plate of various homemade cookies, brownies, you know, stuff made with real butter. There was coffee, cream, and sugar for us big people, and juice for Talea. Talea, of course, made a b-line for the suitcases packed with doll stuff that are kept underneith the guest bed in the north end of the trailor. The grown ups drank coffee and talked about Everything and Anything (no acronym). We learned that Aunt Nina has been very busy, as usual. Lots of miles on the road during Christmas travel. We saw lots of cards and pictures from a family that stretched from the Carolina swamps to the Indiana plains, and then some.
That is just a modest introduction of the World Famous Aunt Nina. My staff and I are working on the first monthly entry of ANATA as I type these words. We’ll be back…


Pepino Sobrino

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