For all those Pepino Suave fans who acknowledge Christmas, may you have a merry one. For all others, I hope you are having a merry day, as well.
Pepino Suave and The Chicks are enjoying a wonderful holiday. First, we are together; a pack of peppy pickles. Second, we are home; a humble abode down Bingham lane. Lastly, we have much to be thankful for, and are bursting with gratitude. 2005 was a busy year, full of adventure and accomplishment. What we have lost in teeth, we have gained in experience.
We began our Christmas at midnight service last night (why does midnight service begin at 11:00?). Traditionally, we at Zion Lutheran end the service by singing “Silent Night” as we all hold a lit candle and the lights are dimmed. This year sweet Inky broke tradition by allowing her candle to ignite the plastic wax holder. The ball of flame and toxic smoke wasn’t half as distracting as Inky’s cry of, “oh, oh, oh, oh!”, and the coughing fit of the septegenarians sitting behind us. Christ is born…
Santa came. Talea got an Easy Bake Oven from the old fellah. Ink and I chipped in for a new bike, and Grandma and Grandpa got her a Razor scooter. I want one. Talea has already been out riding her bike. Guess what I got Inky? A yoga mat. Yep. Dear Inky got me hair clippers. I’m not kidding. I’m a well groomed Pepino. I gifted both my girls the Clay Aiken Christmas CD. They adore me. Clay, too. I mean the girls adore Clay as well as me. Not saying Clay adores me. I think he is a little loose in the loafers, if you ask me.

Pepino out.

PD Merry Christmas, friends

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