Las Posadas

Today is was the last ¨normal¨day of classes at the Escuela Secundaria Tecnica Numero 1. Las Pasadas begin today, and continue until the 6th of January. Next week is sure to be nuts. I am told kids bring cakes, candy, and music every day in hope that the profesores will allow them a posada party instead of the planned activity. Apparently, their wish is normally granted. No one wants to be El Scrooge.
Posada means hotel or inn. Las posadas celebrate Mary and Joseph´s search for shelter. Here it is often celebrated each night, beginning tonight. Each neighborhood might elect a boy or girl to be the key actors, and then several others follow them around the barrio singing viancicos (Christmas carols). The evening ends at a predetermined household where they are told to hit the road. Las Posadas culminate on Noche Buena (Christmas Eve), and usually at the local church, where they are welcomed in, offered buñuelos, chocolate, churros, and other goodies. Kids go sugar-bonkers, everyone dances, and there is lots o´music. Generally speaking.
Today the kids got a head start. During the last class adolescents ran the campus smearing cake icing on each other, throwing confetti in the air, and dancing. Yea, there was music. I attempted to make it somewhat instructional by banding together a small group of the hellions and singing ¨Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer¨, with gestures and all. It worked for a few minutes.
Tomorrow morning is the staff Christmas party at a local hotel. I am scheduled to sing Vincente Fernandez´”El Rey“. The Spanish teacher and I have been rehearsing each morning during the week. I´ll wear a pancho and a Mariachi hat. There´ll be a mike. And live music. Being as my Mariachi dream was frustrated, this is a nice way to rap up my floundering music career.
Got to go rest my voice.

Con dinero y sin dinero,

El Rey Pepino

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