Dedos Morados

Today, millions of Iraqi turned out for the first full term election since a dictator was taken from power. Even the Sunni, many led by bloodthirsty, tribal, “religious” zealots, were encouraged to vote in an effort not to have a democratic process tip away the power they had enjoyed under a dictatorshop. The foreboding violence turned out to be much less than expected; we should thank the Higher Power of our particular faiths and many brave soldiers for that. The reports I have heard today have made me hopeful and, mostly, extremely proud.
The image of a purple stained finger will remain in my memory.

Gozando de lo bueno,

Pepino Gringo, Cien Por Ciento

PD Sorry for the heavy but the news of the election is too wonderful not to mention. Also, Ingrid is not here to keep me reigned-in. Peace.

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