Se Fueron

Ingrid and Talea left this morning before daybreak. Although I have not heard from them yet, it appears they have arrived home safely to snowy Grand Rapids (according to the Continental website). I hope to hear from them tonight.
Last night we hosted a steady stream of friends wishing my ladies a good trip.
The first thing Talea said when she woke up this morning was, “I miss Grandma.” I think she has been preparing for her return since August.
Ingrid, on the other hand, developed a migrain just thinking of returning. She has definately had a fine time here, and left behind some great friends. She will be missed.
I will keep track of Amor En Costodia, pop the remaining popcorn, and empty the refrigerator during my remaining two weeks here in balmy Durango.
Any requests from the Gigante?

Me dejaron,

Pepino Soltero

P.D. JoeD – Keep your mits off the blog. Although a great picture, and the cowboy was well groomed, I wouldn´t want to scare the parents of my students anymore than I already have. Save the picture for bribe money once I make it big in early elementary education. Also, I´m saving a Noche Buena for you in the fridge. Don´t tempt me. I´ll drink it. I swear.

1 thought on “Se Fueron

  1. On second thought, Joe, the picture might work, atleast in the Christian schools. What about the picture of me and the Can-Can girls? That would go over well at the Catholic school. I think. Never mind.

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