Los Menonites

Today we rode a couple hours north of town to Menonite country, guided by our friends Jorge and Irma. Nuevo Leon is a small town located in nothern Durango state. This area has been farmed by Menonite familes since shortly after World War 2. Click on Los Menonites above for more information about the Menonite settlements in Mexico. Above I have a picture of the Menonite carritos sighted often around Nuevo Leon.

Quiero queso,

Pepino Menonito

4 thoughts on “Los Menonites

  1. Actually, I prefer the Kraft American style processed cheese that is available in all the finer grocery marts down there in ‘Rango. Sure, it costs a lot more and sure most of that cost is the packaging and the branding – but when I travel I live by “tried and true in red, white and blue!”Now if you could get some Hershey’s chocolate you’d be set.Gringo Joe

  2. JoeD, I need to pass your message on to Ink, but she is half way to gringolandia as I write this. I just had a Hershey Kiss.PS they were bbq-ing in the Gigante again last Friday. Plus, Santa Claus is at the entrance hawking a picture with your kid for 30 pesos.Can you make it down here within the next two weeks? Things are just getting good. There is a national-brand beer called Noche Buena and stuff….Gringo solo,Pepinito

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