Every morning I wake up to explosions. No kidding. I get up at five or so, get the coffee going, and than do some stretches in front of the T.V. By the time the coffee begins gurgling I hear a series of loud bangs, then silence. Within minutes, more bangs. During my first weeks in town I would shuffle over to the back room (the wash room;where the hired help does the laundry -see Ink`s site) and look out between the bars of the window towards the mountains north of town. Nothing. I´d go back to my stretches only to hear more banging within minutes.
Of course, when I ´d ask people what all the racket was they´d look at me like I was one tomale short of a docena. No one seems to hear what I hear, not even my ladies; they just sleep through the noise. Well it turns out, upon talking to an old timer here, the noise comes from explosions at the Copalquin mining operation in the Cerro de Mercado mountain just two miles north of town. Copalquin, by the way, is a Canadian owned mining company. Another aside: it was recently reported that Canada has the worst environmental record of all developed countries in the world. A bonus aside: hockey isn´t played in Mexico. But that is neither here nor there. Point is, I wasn´t hearing things. Or I was. You know what I mean.

Same thing with the blasted trains. I´d hear the whistle blowing as I rose up early in the morn, often and loud, but everyone claimed that trains don´t run through Durango anymore. In fact, I good friend, while driving me through town, insisted that I quit insisting that I heard trains going through town. Minutes after she said that, traffic stopped. For a train.

Gotta go see a man about a horse,

Pepino “!Oiga eso!” Suave

P.S. Click on “Boom” above to learn more about the Canadian company that explodes stuff in the mountains just a couple miles north of here.

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