Mapa Mundi

The map project has finally ended. After a couple of weeks of work, and a ton of help from the Deltoso family, Michelle “Meeker” Manion, Talea, and her schoolmates, La Escuela Guadalupe Revilla has it´s very own 4 meter by 8 meter map of the world. Ingrid will write in more detail about the project on her blogsite. In the meantime, I have included “before” and “after” pictures above.
Pictured in this entry are school children/map makers standing in front of their finished project. The map is painted onto the east wall of the playground patio. The map is framed by thumb prints of each child in the school.
In the next entry fortunate Pepino followers have a tantalizing view of a bodacious Mrs. Pepino gridding the map in preparation for tracing, then painting. If you can take your eyes from my wife for a moment you´ll see the gang of Deltoso´s, Meeker, Talea, and schoolmates painting the world. It was an international effort to be enjoyed by Durango students for years to come.


Pepino Chiflado

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