Al Volver

I´m home (in Durango). I left Big Talea, Medium Ingrid, Travel-size Caroline, and Little Talea in San Miguel´s opulent Quinto Loreto Hotel at 11:00 a.m. and arrived in Durango in the wee hours of this morning (1:30 a.m.). I changed busses in Queréto. Lucky move, as Querétero´s bus depot is bigger and newer than Leon´s, where we stopped on are way into San Miguel.
I sat on a couch, sipped a cold libation, and watched a soap opera while waiting the hour or so to catch the bus to Durango. This trip I was able to see a lot in daylight. Nothing more beautiful than crossing the Sierra Madre at sunset. The mountains to the east were on fire. As it was a national holiday (the revolution began on November 20, 1910) I saw a lot of small town celebrations along the road. The most impressive sight was watching cowboys gallop in from the foothills, apparently racing each other through the semi-desert brush.
Apparently the cold isn´t a regional thing. Getting off the bus I could see my breath, just like in San Miguel. Winter is here in the North Central, too. I wore a jacket to school today.
The girls will bus it in all night tonight. They should arrive in Durango by sun-up.
Nap time. Ol´Pepinos can´t take sleep deprivation like the little gurkens can.

Con sueño,
Pepino Dormilón

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