Is Anyone Out There?

Folks, have you any question, concerns, or problems that you need addressed on the Pepino Suave Blog of Love and Loss? Any queries regarding the Pepino Mexico experience that aren´t being treated yet? Please write, as lovely Ingrid doubts that anyone is reading this enchanting log of Pepino prose. Let´s prove her wrong.


Pepino de Allende

6 thoughts on “Is Anyone Out There?

  1. Hey!! I’m reading yours & Inky’s web blog EVERY DAY!! In fact, I’ve got my beau reading it, also. Give him a flavor of what kind of family he’s venturing into since he can’t meet you face to face. Actually, when I even mention meeting you face-to-face, he turns green. I think the blog is scaring him. Sissy.Love ya & miss you tons!! KellyXOXOXOXXOXO

  2. I want everyone to know that I read you daily – at least I do as long as the you keep paying me to do so.I also have vibrators, Windows Office 2003, mortage deals, computer viruses, diet suppliments, penis enhancers and of course, cases of Viagra all available at the “right price” for interested parties.Speaking of diets, I lost ten pounds in a week with the world renown Monte’s flu that I was able to smuggle out of the country. Five more trips and I’d be set!Word to your Mother… Rappin’ Jo’

  3. Er, Joe, email me off-blog about some of that product. I might have a friend who is interested…People are still asking me where are friends have gone. Please come back, Deltosos. There is so much more to discover.One more thing, Joe; I´m picking up the Thanksgiving turkey at the Gigante tonight. Wish you were there for that one.Pepto B out,Pepino

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