San Miguel de Allende

It is cold. Sorry to offend our Michigan fan base (Aunt Nina tells us ya´ll got some six inches of snow the other day) but we are chilln´here in Mexico´s north-central. We arrived this morning after twelve hours and two buses of over-night traveling. Talea barfed just five minutes out of San Miguel de Allende. Got it all in her plastic bag. She is a great road warrior, that gal. Said she felt much better and moved on to the next adventure (a taxi into town).

We spent part of this evening with Aunt Talea and Carolina sipping vampiros and palomas and being seranaded by mariachis in the town plaza. Big Talea and Carolina are in town for a wedding. We are in town to visit them (see my previous entry, slackers). Little Talea is in heaven walking around town with her big cousin Caroline. They dashed off to the central plaza tonight to join local kids singing and generally being rowdy. The rest of the evening we spent looking for extra wraps. We are dressed for Durango desert weather. It is cold, need I repeat.

San Miguel in a few words: Mexico´s gift shop. Mean demographic: Middle aged expat Americans. End of story. Read the tour guide.
Going horse back riding tomorrow.

Hace frio,

Pepino Helado

PS A band across the street in a bar called¨Joe´s” is playing a cover of Stevie Wonder´s “Superstition”. A group of Mariachi´s on the corner are singing “Llora”. Culture clash.

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