Talea´s Gallery

Today I am including a picture from Talea´s portfolio. She took this picture of her parents at Xochimilco, a popular tourist destination and a trial lawyer´s dream near the capital (If you would like to read more about Xochimilco see my spellbinding October 7 entry). In the foreground are Talea´s headless parents and a headless bystander. In the background are the rafts we hired to float around a marshy canal.

1 thought on “Talea´s Gallery

  1. You two never looked better! Hey, when you get back you’ll have to mosey on down to the new Panera on Alpine…free hi-speed and refillable coffee.It’s all good. Happy Thanksgiving!Peace, Julie S-TP.S. The scripts are being readied for the Christmas pageant. Will you repise your Wise Man role this year?

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