Joe D.

Joe D. taught me the obvious; how to get pictures on to this blasted blog. It is as easy as spreading cajeta onto a tortilla. It took me three months and a brief Joe D. email to get it right. For that reason, I dedicate the first Pepino Suave Images to “The Sampler”. Enjoy. They are illustrations of Joe´s trials in the Sierra. In the pictures above, you see two Limited English Speaking Outlaws (LESOs) robbing Joe of his ice-cold Corona (on left).
He cried for hours….until we chipped in for another beverage (see right).
Click to enlarge!

Bonito para la foto,


2 thoughts on “Joe D.

  1. Funny – from my vantage point it looks to me like the pistol packin’ varmits are trying to force that beer on good lookin’ young fella.Thank goodness you have a friend that handles such adversity in such a calm and collected manner. If el gringo hadn’t taken that cervaza off those bad boys, it looks like real violence could have taken place out by the OK correls there.p.s. you mentioned something about you kissing other men and said you would provide details later.It’s now later…

  2. Joe,Um, I think you have the picture of the kissn`cowboys, I hate to admit. Makes me nervous. It just might end up on the web…I guess I could have spun today´s entry in a more positive manner. Get backs can be ugly.Fidencio, my boss, and I are going to kill that bottle of cuban sugar cane juice you left behind. Friday`s are ours…

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