Inky´s Site

Check out Inky´s site for some great Joe D. photagraphy and web design. He may be gone physically, but he´s still with us cyberally. Just click on the¨Inky Fournier” icon to the right. Hats off to Don Joe.

I am off to watch the herd while the gals have a night out. Wish the kids luck.

Una niñera,

Prof. Pepino

2 thoughts on “Inky´s Site

  1. hi teacher how are you? i think fine I want to say a thing…you are a VERY GOOD TEACHER i like how you learn to us (my english is not very well,,,but i think you understand jeje) i need to go…bye teacher tim,,P.D. I like your page atte:your student Leticia 2ºF (technic secundary school#1…is correct this?? jeje)

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