One Down

Uncle Joe packed his bags and left. He should be flying out of D.F. some time this morning. Poor guy. Comes to Mexico, visits our apartment packed with U.S.immigrants, follows us on fieldtrips that include closed restaurants, locked schools, and cheesy tourist sites (at least he saw a cowboy kiss me. Details to follow). By morning he had purchased the mexican over-the-counter knock off of his american behind-the-counter migraine meds, his bottle of cajeta, kissed his wife, jumped in a taxi, and was off in a cloud of dust. I am left with four wonderful, albiet energetic kids, and three american women (my voice will get a good rest).
Today the gang is finishing the 8 meter by 4 meter wall map of the word that they began yesterday at Talea´s school, and then they are going swimming. These kids are great. They actually love to work. And they are good workers – all of them under the age of ten!
Massimo and Valentino are mixing with the locals. Massimo actually helped teach an English class yesterday. He was recruited by the English teacher. Gabriel is the charm of the Guadiana Valley. People adore her. My Talea is enchanted by her visitors. She´ll want to go home with them, I am sure.

Desde La Niñera,

Pepino Dejado

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